Overlord II TV Anime Releases New Trailer Featuring Opening Theme!

Overlord is back for a second season in January 2018!

With the broadcast date fast approaching, the show has released not only a brand new trailer, but also a teaser PV and key visual as well as announcing final casting details.

The new PV takes a look at the Lizardmen’s village and features the show’s opening theme, “Go Cry Go”, by OxT.

Final cast members announced alongside the release of the visual and trailer include Touchi Hiroki as Zaryusu Shasha, Kusumi Naomi as Shasuryu Shasha, Amamiya Sora as Crusch Lulu, Ishii Kouji as Zenberu Gugu, Yasuno Kiyono as Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself, and Osaka Ryouta as Climb.

Hino Satoshi, who plays Ainz Ooal Gown, will also be hosting a radio show broadcast from Jan. 9 with a special teaser programme broadcast on Dec. 26 featuring Hara Yumi (Ulbert Alain Odle), Uesaka Sumire (Shalltear Bloodfallen), Katou Emiri (Aura Bella Fiora), and Uchiyama Yumi (Mare Bello Fiore).

Overlord II will broadcast from Jan. 9.

(C)Maruyama Kugane, Kadokawa / Overlord II Production Committee

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